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Turnkey Manufacturing

Turnkey Manufacturing

Consolidate your production process, save money, and get to market faster with McCain's turnkey manufacturing services.

From start to finish, McCain has everything in place to manufacture, assemble, and package goods so they're ready-to-ship to your customers. We know every detail of your project is critical, that’s why we take great care in developing processes to seamlessly deliver a product your customers know and trust. With McCain as your source for supply chain management, your resources will be freed-up to focus on what you do best.

McCain has expansive manufacturing plants in Southern California and Mexico offering a full range of manufacturing and value-added services:


Silk Screening

Benefits of McCain's Turnkey Services:

Free up resources to focus on innovation, market research, product development, and sales
Save on labor and inventory costs
Take advantage of the benefits of local US and nearshore manufacturing

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