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Nearshoring – Is it worth it?


Nearshoring is gaining more traction as companies seek cost-effective solutions.

For decades US companies have outsourced their manufacturing to China and other Asian countries. Now, many of these companies are realizing that offshore production may not be as profitable as it once had been. In fact, many companies are relocating their offshore manufacturing business to nearshore partners in Mexico and Latin America to overcome the increasing costs of doing business in faraway countries like China.

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Honoring National Manufacturing Day

Manufacturing Day

Celebrated on the first Friday in October, MFG Day provides an opportunity for US manufacturers to open their doors and share what manufacturing is — and what it isn’t.

In recognition of the vital role American manufacturing plays on the US economy, today, McCain celebrates national Manufacturing Day by honoring the hardworking men and women that make the American manufacturing industry thrive.

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"American-Made" More Than Just a Label


Purchasing products made in the US may have more of an impact than you think.

When purchasing a product that boasts "Made in America" you get more than just a well-made product. American-made products help create and sustain US jobs and positively affects the economy. The below statistics may have you thinking twice about your next purchase.

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Things are Looking up for Manufacturing

Manufacturing is back

Manufacturing has played a pivotal role in the American economy since the Industrial Revolution, helping the US become a global economic super power.

As the US turned its attention to service-based industries, manufacturing was hit with the old one-two punch. Jobs were lost to foreign manufacturers and plants were shut down as a result of the recent recession.

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