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Traffic Signal Maker McCain Unveils New Powder Coating Systems

Drivers across the U.S. do whatever the products made by McCain Inc. tell them to do. Well, most drivers.

The Vista, Calif.-based company is a leader in providing traffic control equipment, intelligent transportation systems and parking guidance for cities and towns all over the world.

McCain's outsource manufacturing division, McCain Manufacturing, unveiled its new powder coating and finishing operations at its 100,000 sq ft Vista facility. John Kingston, applications engineer and powder coating supervisor, says a new automated conveyor was installed along with a large-scale batch powder coating system.

Improved Technology and Operations

According to Kingston, the automated, overhead 1-beam conveyor system brings together the latest technological advancements in the finishing industry, including a seven stage pretreatment wash, electrostatic application and curing process.

"McCain has always been a pioneer in developing technology," Kingston says. "Our powder coating systems continue the trend by using advanced equipment and machinery to deliver exceptional speed and capacity uncommon to the region. By combining technology with skilled artisans and technicians, we feel we offer a consistent, high-quality powder coating to our customers."

The high-throughput system also features dual-coating capabilities that Kingston says save time and money by applying multiple coats in half the time. Components that are too large for the automated system are treated in the batch system where McCain's experienced craftsmen apply each coat by hand using power pulse technology.

The need for new space and coating equipment is easy to understand: Business is booming for McCain as major cities are improving traffic signalization. McCain's staffing is up to more than 500 people, a 30-percent increase in just two years.

According to Kingston, McCain's commercial-grade powder coating is available in a large collection of colors and textures for parts of all shapes, sizes and industries, including aerospace and defense products, automotive materials, medical equipment, metal enclosures, solar systems, telecommunications, and more.

The company was founded by Jeffrey L. McCain in 1987 and since then has expanded into more than 11 countries, producing more than 5.6 million traffic signals, 75,000 cabinets and 58,000 controllers.

"The condition of the world's transportation infrastructure and the industry that drives it has advanced considerably over the past quarter century," McCain says. "We've been able to grow and develop with the industry, working to create and establish advanced solutions that offer a better on-road experience."

The expanded powder coating operations are the latest value-added services being offered at McCain's full-scale manufacturing facilities. In addition to powder coating, McCain's North American manufacturing division offers sheet metal fabrication, CNC machining, die casting, plastic injection molding, thermal forming, and turnkey assembly, complete with engineering and design services. The company has more than 300,000 sq ft of manufacturing space in California, Washington and Mexico.

Products Finishing Magazine December 2012 by Tim Pennington

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