Mexico Manufacturing

Known for its sandy beaches, exquisite cuisine, and delicious margaritas, Mexico is also gaining recognition as the go-to country for cost-savings manufacturing.

With its convenient location, advanced manufacturing technology, and highly-skilled workforce US companies are reevaluating their logistics and moving production to Mexico in search of reducing overall manufacturing costs and gaining a competitive edge.

California Manufacturing

Manufacturing in California may be bigger than you think. California is the number one state for manufacturing jobs, firms, and output. For every job created in manufacturing, at least 2-3 jobs are created in other sectors.

Manufacturing in California plays a critical part in California’s local economy. California’s manufacturing industry helps grease the wheels of the regional economy thus bringing business, individual, and community wealth to the region.

McCain's Booth Staff at PD&M

McCain just returned from exhibiting at Pacific Design and Manufacturing (PD&M), the West Coast’s largest design and manufacturing event and we are so excited about the success!.

This year our newly designed booth greeted thousands of attendees. It was great to see familiar faces as well as meet new friends. Thanks to our expert staff, booth visitors learned about McCain’s full line of turnkey manufacturing services, including sheet metal fabrication, powder coating, die casting, and value added services.