Manufacturing is back

Manufacturing has played a pivotal role in the American economy since the Industrial Revolution, helping the US become a global economic super power.

As the US turned its attention to service-based industries, manufacturing was hit with the old one-two punch. Jobs were lost to foreign manufacturers and plants were shut down as a result of the recent recession.

New Manufacturing Website

Visitors are invited to experience the new, user-friendly site

VISTA, CA, September 12, 2013 – McCain Manufacturing is pleased to announce the launch of the company’s new website. The site, which went live in September 2013, provides visitors with a rich user experience by delivering more data in an intelligible and easily navigable manner.

Powder Coated Tough Logo

When Vista, Calif-based McCain Inc. launched its contract manufacturing division, it had the green light to move full speed ahead into new markets.

In January 2011, McCain Inc., headquartered in Vista, Calif., invested roughly $20 million to expand its manufacturing capabilities in the United States, including the addition of one of the most high-tech powder coating operations in Southern California. The venture has given the company a green light to cruising forward into new markets.

Products Finishing Logo

Traffic Signal Maker McCain Unveils New Powder Coating Systems

Drivers across the U.S. do whatever the products made by McCain Inc. tell them to do. Well, most drivers.

The Vista, Calif.-based company is a leader in providing traffic control equipment, intelligent transportation systems and parking guidance for cities and towns all over the world.