McCain Walls®

Our Brands

Our manufacturing services expand beyond offering near sourcing solutions to our partners. We also pride ourselves on providing B-2-B and B-2-C eco-friendly solutions.

Focused on making a positive impact on our environment, we've designed a series of products to help reduce building material waste. Our B-2-B customers that work on construction projects across many industries - aviation, healthcare, commercial, rely on our innovative modular walls systems, McCain Walls.

Homeowners and real estate investors can now maximize their property space and generate additional income or provide their family with a loving space of their own by installing one of our modular Accessory Dwelling Units, McCain Homes. Building one of our modular, turnkey ADUs is fast, and at a fraction of the time, compared to the complex process of traditional stick builds, making it the ideal solution for those that need it sooner than way later.

McCain Walls®
McCain Walls are modern, modular wall systems made from close to 100% recyclable aluminum. Our sleek, durable, and versatile barricades can be easily configured for any project specification and are ideal for multi-phase projects. |

McCain Homes™
McCain Homes is a line of modular, prefab accessory dwelling units (ADUs) that serve a critical need: providing affordable and environmentally-friendly housing. Homeowners can count on a turnkey solution or a DIY kit for those that want to build it themselves. |