Lean Manufacturing

Identifying 8 Waste Areas with Lean Manufacturing

With so many moving parts involved, the success and efficiency of a manufacturing facility begins at the frontline with the practice of lean manufacturing.

By learning to do more with less and constantly identifying ways to reduce waste, lean manufacturing creates streamlined processes that increase production.

One of the keys of successful lean manufacturing is to provide continuous training to all levels of a company, regardless of job, so everyone can collaborate and make improvements together.

Identify and Eliminate Waste Areas with “DOWNTIME”

Learning to identify areas that generate waste goes hand-in-hand with the formulas of success in manufacturing, including the equation of “waste to value.”

Eight areas that are often overlooked, and can be improved are:

Waiting times
Not engaing all employees & supply chain
Extra processing

With adequate training on the process of lean manufacturing, employees gain accountability, influencing a positive culture shift from “me” to “we.” This not only reduces wasted resources, it generates an efficient production system that can increase profits.

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