McCain's Fiber Laser Machine

McCain Expands Operations with Fiber Laser Machine

The benefits of advanced technology go beyond the manufacturing floor.

Fabricating premium quality goods has always come naturally to McCain, something we attribute to our investment in top-of-the-line equipment and materials. Recently, our sheet metal operations were enhanced with the addition of an automated fiber laser machine.

New to the manufacturing industry, the fiber laser machine is designed to increase production, decrease operational costs, and reduce lead-times. Since it doesn't require special tooling, the fiber laser makes it more economical to manufacture parts, and its optimum high-powered laser has superior cutting speeds five times faster compared to a CO2 laser.

The non-stop features, in conjunction with a digital control panel, allows for quick responses to changes in production orders, adjusting as needed to meet high demands. With its unique configuration that includes a 2m x 4m table – rare in the US – the laser machine provides options for increasing the size and number of fabricated parts from a single piece of sheet metal.

In simple terms, the fiber laser machine wastes less resources and manufactures more parts in less time.

When it comes down to it, the fiber laser is just one of many technologically-advanced machines used by McCain to increase productivity and manufacture high-quality goods. With shortened lead times and quicker turnarounds, products are in hand sooner, resulting in happier customers.

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