Effectiveness of Sandblasting

A multipurpose and efficient natural resource used in manufacturing.

When we think of sand, most of us probably envision building a sandcastle on a warm sandy beach, not how it’s used in industrial applications such as manufacturing.

Sandblasting is the process of eliminating contaminants such as dust, grime, and rust from surfaces through a high-pressurized application of sand. A common and efficient practice in manufacturing, sandblasting ensures that all surfaces are clean and smooth, ready for the next stop on the production line.

Applied in a well-ventilated booth by skilled sandblasters in astronaut-looking gear, sandblasting is an integral part of McCain’s manufacturing services. An ideal pre-coating process, sandblasting eliminates imperfections and prepares units so powder coatings adhere evenly to parts adding to the high-quality and durability of finished products.

Check out McCain's sandblasting in the works.

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